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Healthcare Visuals and Infographics

The World is Fat: Obesity is an Expanding Problem

> The World is Fat: Obesity is an Expanding Problem

Obesity continues to be a major issue globally. Learn about how this issue is continuing to become a major concern in this infographic

September 06, 2013

BY: Lucy Weiland

Healthcare is Hopping

> Healthcare is Hopping!

Want to know more about past and future healthcare employment trends as well as which healthcare jobs experts consider the hottest in 2013? Check this infographic out for more details.

January 18, 2013

BY: Mike Brandstetter

Health Startups: How Women are Nurturing New Health Tech Businesses

> Health Startups

Women in business use their experience in health and wellness to launch startups in the health tech field. Many of these women are their own bosses and build work schedules designed to fit their lives.

December 18, 2012

BY: Constance McKenzie