INFOGRAPHIC: Health Startups: Women Nurturing New Health Tech
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Health Startups

December 18, 2012

BY: Constance McKenzie

Millions of U.S. women own businesses, and these firms show faster-than-average growth for jobs and revenue in seven of 13 major industries, including healthcare and social assistance. The healthcare and social services industry boasts high numbers and high concentration of women-led companies. This sector also shows a fast growth in women-owned firms.

Many women go into health services because they have "work experience" in this area, serving as virtual chief health & wellness officers for their household. Also, women may serve as caregivers for the elderly or disabled. Women can lead in this industry as they make daily health-related decisions and experience diverse aspects of healthcare administration.

You may not have noticed these women-owned businesses in healthcare because they tend to be startups and smaller firms.Women may become their own bosses partly in search of life-work balance: Big companies typically show less flexibility in scheduling, and traditional recruitment practices shun gaps in employment history. For women with ambitions to start their own health tech startup, inspiration abounds; let's take a look at some challenges, successes and role models for female entrepreneurs in health services.


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Health Startups: How Women are Nurturing New Health Tech Businesses