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Medical Technology Programs

Explore each program below to find out what type of training it provides and get an overview of what its curriculum may include.

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Find out how to use ultrasound to diagnose heart murmurs, blocked arteries and limp valves.

Medical assistants have a wide range of skills that help them serve as essential members of the patient-care team.

Learn what it takes to analyze medical samples in a medical laboratory!

Learn how to analyze medical samples and help doctors diagnose diseases and save lives.

Help pharmacists provide the medication patients need, find out what education may be needed for a role in the pharmaceutical industry!

Learn the process behind creating medication in pharmacy tech programs and what certain medication combinations may do for patients suffering from various illnesses.

Learn how to assist a physical therapists in rehabilitating the injured.

Learn about training programs that teach you how to safely perform X-rays, MRIs and CT scans using advanced equipment.

Respiratory therapy can mean the difference between life or death in the ER, find what is needed to clear an air passage or to help someone breathe.

Sonography programs help students gain the academic and clinical knowledge to perform ultrasound exams. Read on to learn about program types and course descriptions.

Help a surgeon during an operation by providing them their tools and keeping the surgical room prepped and ready.

Find out how to safely use diagnostic imaging technology to identify broken bones, blocked arteries and inflamed air pathways.

Postsecondary home health aide programs can help individuals learn how to provide basic caregiving services to those in need.